In April we were excited to have our first hot lunch day deliveries to Lochside and Keating elementary schools.

Lochside elementary chose to offer Chinese noodles, mac & cheese, meat penne, veggie penne and burgers as main meals. We heard that the kids loved the meals. Fruit cups, veggie cups and seasonal treats were also on the list. Our egg shape rice krispies and bunny cookies were enjoyed by all.

Keating elementary offered beef and veggie burgers as the main meal. "Delicious! This is a cool hot lunch!", "This is the best burger in the world!", "Burgers - yum, yum, yum.. really good" were some of the comments from students after the lunch.

We are looking forward to our future deliveries to Lochside and Keating.

Bunny cookies are ready to go in the oven
Easter sugar cookies are baked and ready to be packed
Egg shape rice krsipies are covered with white chocolate and sprinkles

The national Nutrition Month campaign is organized by Dietitians of Canada and thousands of dietitians across the country, every March. This year's theme is "Cooking together is the recipe for fun!". You can check their website at for great recipes and tips. "Know what strengthens family ties, passes on valued traditions, teaches skills and improves the family diet? Cooking together."  is one of their tips.

I would like to share my story about my picky eater son. If you read about me at About Us page, you know that I have a picky eater son. It has always been a challenge to find a recipe that all my family members enjoy. This year I had a different New Year's resolution. Instead of losing weight, the first place on my list was to have the kids be more involved in the kitchen. So I came up with a plan. Every weekend one family member would choose a recipe that we have never tried, and make it with my help. Four family members meant that we will all have a turn once a month. The second weekend was my picky son's turn. To my surprise, he picked a fancy salad recipe with duck from one of my books. I should mention that I had never cooked duck before. It was a nice challange for me too. I bought the ingredients and we prepared the salad together. At the dinner table, everybody enjoyed the salad. He was so proud to prepare the salad and he finished it all. I was surprised to see him eating everything at his plate. Here is the salad recipe my son made.

It has been three months now and we still continue with this tradition now. We all enjoy eating something different every weekend. And the most important part is that because it is a special dinner, our picky eater son tries everything and eats it most of the time.

Cooking together worked very well for our family.


Nutirition month 2011 poster
The Well Dressed Salad Book Cover
Seared rasberry duck

On Wednesday morning at 6 AM the roads in Victoria were already covered with snow and it was still heavily snowing. Some of our team members had to leave their cars and walk to the kitchen as their vehicles got stuck in the snow. It was our first delivery to Brentwood Elementary. Their main meal choices were macaroni & cheese and burgers. They also ordered gluten free macaroni & cheese. We used gluten-free rice pasta and tapioca bread mix as thickening for the sauce.

When we were getting ready in the kitchen for our delivery, we got a phone call from the school. They were asking if we would be able to deliver under these extreme weather conditions. Our reply was "Yes". Our delivery time was 11:15 AM. Due to the road conditions we decided to leave half an hour earlier than we would normally do. On our way to Brentwood Bay we saw a couple of cars in the ditch, a tanker blocking the road and many stranded cars. When we arrived at the school at 10:45, the hot lunch coordinator and volunteers were surprised  to see us that early.

We got the email below from the hot lunch day coordinator at the end of the day:

"Thanks to you for such a speedy delivery in abnormal weather conditions. The kids loved the mini burgers and mac and cheese, some asked for seconds. We are sending out a survey on our next lunch to see what the preference is for all the lunches we do. The only concern mentioned was that the hamburgers were cold, considering the weather and timing of getting the food to us, not really a concern at all. It was a great day to have warm home cooked food. Your service was very professional and very well organized, Thanks again."

We are happy to add another school to our happy clients list. We are looking forward to future deliveries to Brentwood Elementary.

Slippery roads in Victoria on February 23rd
Gluten free mac & cheese ingredients
Gluten free mac & cheese containers are rerady to be packed in the thermo bags
Burger boxes are being prepared
Smiley face burgers..having fun with the burgers

February 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit. Chinese noodles was one of the KELSET's meal choices for their hot lunch day on February 9th. What a perfect choice! We used rice noodles, chicken breast and kids' favorote vegetables. The result was pleasing and kids loved it. We heard some staff members saying "It smells so good, we should order it next time." Luckily there were some extras for them.

Our monthly special treat for February, Pink Popcorn balls which were packed in Valentines bags received many compliments. Not only did they look good, but they also tasted delicious. Instead of red food coloring we used rasberry puree which gave them a great flavor.

Chicken breast are cut for the noodles
Chicken pieces are seasoned with soy sauce, sesame oil and oyster sauce
Stir frying vegetables
Noodles are packed in our compostable containers
Three ingredients for popcorn balls; airpopped popcorn, rasberries, marshmallows
Instead of red food dye we use rasberries to give the great color and the taste
Marshmallow and rasberry mixture. What a nice color for Valentines!
Time to mix the popcorns and the rasberry-marshmallow mixture
Shaping the popcorn balls
Assemly line for popcorn balls
They look very yummy!
Popcorn balls are packed in Valentines bags
Colorful veggies are washed, cut and ready to be packed
Veggie cups are prepared
Fruit cups with pineapple, cantolope, watermelon, grapes, strawberry and kiwi
Penne pasta served with home made vegetable-marinara sauce
Each divisions orders are packed in seperatre thermo bags and boxes

Healthy Edge Food Services is pleased to annouce that we have started doing presentations at SD61 & SD63 school PAC meetings.

We bring samples of our healthy hot meals and treats together with all the information about ingredients and nutritional values. You will see the compostable containers and cuttlery we use, and learn more about our portion sizes, packaging and delivery system. This will give your PAC an opportunity to let parents know about our healthy hot meal options and get their feedback. We encourage you to bring your children to taste as well.

Please contact us to book a presentation for your next PAC meeting.

We are happy to annouce that we have added new menu items in the New Year. Our hearty soups will be great for cold winter months. As usual they are full of vegetables and kids friendly.

  • Chicken noodle soup, Potatoes & bacon soup, Minestrone
  • Spaghetti & Meatballs
  • Veggie Spaghetti & Meatballs
  • Shepherd's pie
  • Veggie Shepherd's pie
  • Penne pasta with beef Bolognese sauce
  • Veggie Penne pasta with tomato & vegetables sauce
  • Meatloaf with mash potatoes

 Please see the full list of our menu items at our Menus Page.

Sidney school PAC members heard about our company and came to our open house in September. After tasting our meals and learning about how our system works, they decided to add another hot lunch day in November to try our lunch program. They wanted to offer 4 main meals together with fruit cups and veggie cups. Mini burgers, mac & cheese, octodog & shells and lasagna were main meal choices being offered to the parents.

The volunteers and the green team members were ready to help with the meal distrubution to the classrooms when we arrived to the school. They delivered all the meals quickly. After the recess the students came into their classrooms and started to eat their lunches. Vice Principle Mr. Lampard went to all the classrooms to find out how the kids liked their food. He came back with his thumb up and said that everybody was happy with their meals. Meanwhile PAC members were enjoying their Healthy Edge meals in the kitchen. They ordered extra meals for themselves. We were glad to see that our meals had been enjoyed by the adults as well as the children. The hot lunch day coordinator was happy with the result and decided to add an extra Healthy Edge hot lunch day every month in the new year. We are looking forward to working with this great team in the new year.

Our next open house is on Tuesday December 7th, from 5pm to 7pm.

If you are a PAC member, please come and visit us at our kitchen. During our open house, you will have a chance to taste our new dishes that will be added to our menu in 2011.  You can find out how our system works and how we can customize our delivery to suit your needs. This is a chance to book your hot lunch day with us for the new year.

We encourage you to bring your kids to taste as well.

Hope to see you at our open house.