Waste reduction week in BC - garbage free hot lunch day

Last week, October 18-24th was the Waste Reduction Week in Canada. It was also the first hot lunch day for KELSET Elementary, a SD63 school in North Saanich. KELSET is well known for their Green Team. They created a comprehensive recycling and composting program under the guidance of their teacher, Maria StAmand. She was pleased to find out that at Healthy Edge, we use biodegradable containers and cutlery. In her email to us, she said "At KELSET, we pride ourselves in being a school that focuses on reducing our waste by recycling everything we can as well as composting all organic waste. Hot lunch typically generates a lot of garbage as even if the dishes are recyclable, they are too dirty to put in recycling. With these biodegradable containers, we can put the cups and cutlery in our compost bins as our organic waste is brought to commercial composting facilities. It was a little complicated the first time but once the kids are used to the system, I'm sure it will go well. Thank you for offering us this green option for the hot lunch program. "

KELSET PAC have decided to order octodog and shells as main meal for the month of October, together with veggie cups, fruits cups, our monthly special Witch cookies, juice, and milk. We served about 200 students in the school. There were many parent volunteers ready to to help when we delivered our thermo-bags and boxes. Our labeled thermo-bags and many helping hands made the meal distribution fast and easy. We received many compliments on how well we were organized. In the end, it was good team work.

It was fun to watch the children enjoying their meals and treats. We are already excited about our next month's delivery to KELSET Elementary.


Veggie cups filled with  red pepper, celery, carrots and cucumber
Veggie cups and dips are stored in the coolers until packing time
Preparing the cauliflower and zucchinis for the pasta
Cutting fruit for the fruit cups
Fruit cups assembly table
Fruit cups with seasonal fruit; strawberries, pineapple, cantolope, grapes
Wieners tranforming into octopi
Witch cookies ready to be baked (dough used for nails instead of almonds)
Baked cookies are cooling down
Thermo bags and boxes are ready to be filled for each classroom
Checking the packing list to make sure the quantities are correct for each box
Biodegradable containers are ready to be filled with the hot pasta
Boxes are ready to be delivered
Cookies are packed in separate boxes to prevent them from breaking
Arriving at Kelset school
Meal bags and boxes are unloaded in the school
Volunteers are carrying the meals to classrooms
Each classroom gets a separate thermo-bag and box