Warm and Hearty Chili on a Cold November Day in North Saanich!

Today it was cold and rainy in Sidney. KELSET school's choice of chili for the month was perfect for such weather. The students were cold and hungry after the recess. They finished their warm chili in a breeze. Some teachers came and told us that we got "10" out of ten from the kids for our chili. Some said "That was the best chili I have ever had". It is nice to hear from kids that they liked their meal.

Fruit cups are always a hit too. We also got many compliments for our monthly special, pumpkin muffins. We added bananas and reduced the pumpkin spice to create a kid friendly muffin. The compliments showed us that we were successfull with creating a Healthy Edge version of classic Pumpkin Muffins.

After everyone finished, it was nice to see all the containers and cutlery placed in the compost boxes in each classrom by the students. Then, these boxes are emptied to the main compost bin. We left the school happy knowing that we provided another garbage free lunch day at a school whose students and staff care about our environment so much.

Fruit cups loaded with vitamins
Vegetable cups are served with home made yogurt dip
Chili has been simmered and reduced to perfect consistency
Mmmm..Looks good! Tastes good!  Ready to be served.
Chili is served with cheddar cheese on top
Chili  container ready to be packed in the thermo bags
Thermo bags and boxes for each classrom are lined at the front entrance
The fleet of volunteers are carrying bags to the classrooms
Happy to help :)
Placing the meal containers on the desks when the students are outside
The lunch is served!
Waiting for kids to come in from recess
A healthy lunch combo
The kids placing their containers and cuttlery into the compost boxes
Volunteer parents help to take the boxes to the main compost bin