Pro-D Day lunch service to Victor-Brodeur School

Victor-Brodeur School in Esquimalt chose Healthy Edge Food Services for their Pro-D day lunch for the students and the staff. The students in Grade 12 volunteered to look after the kids that joined the Pro-D day camp at school. They are fundaraising for their trip to Peru. Our lunch was a part of their fundraising. VBS is the only French first language school in Victoria region that has students from K-12. They decided on Healthy Edge macaroni and cheese as the main meal.

Younger students were making cookies under the supervision of Gr. 12 students when we delivered the lunch. The school has a big kitchen area where they can serve and eat. Therefore we didn't prepare individual meal containers for each student. We provided the meal in chefing dishes and they served it on the trays they had.

Young camp participants, Gr.12 student volunteers, and the staff enjoyed the meal. Most of them were surprised to find out that there were many vegetables hidden in the macaroni and cheese. "Very cheesy", "Yummy", "Delicious, very good' was some of the feedback we got. The teachers were happy that the students liked the meal and finished it all. The fruit salad with pineapple, cantolope, melon, strawberry, orange, kiwi, apple and pear in mango sauce was also enjoyed by all.

Healthy ingredients ready for mac & cheese
Healthy Edge Mac & Cheese
Lots of cheese! Yum!
Fruits are washed and ready for the fruit salad
Preparing the fruit salad
Very colorful, very tasty!
Victor Brodeur School - only French school in Victoria
Team leaders for the hot meal program
The kitchen is open for lunch time
Warm mac & cheese ready to be served
Serving the lunch
Fruit salad ready to be served
Team members are preparing the trays for the students
Trays are ready for the kids
Happy team members!