Healthy Edge in the Province newspaper

At the end of summer vacation, many parents start worrying about packing lunches that will come home untouched, or half eaten. In September newspapers and blogs publish articles about what to pack for school lunches. This year The Province in Vancouver contacted us to have an interview on how to get kids to try new healthy foods and how to create healthy lunches. We were happy to share our ideas and recipes with the readers. You can read the article here.

Some more tips on packing lunches:

1. Food safety - for hot meals invest in a good thermos that will keep food at food safe temperature for more than 2 hours. For cold meals pack an ice pack in the lunch bag.

2. Backpacks that contain the lunch bags are thrown, tossed, kicked, and used as shields or chairs. Pack meals that will keep their shape, texture, and taste. Stay away from fancy creations like caterpillar cucumbers, or sandwiches with vegetable faces. Those can be enjoyed at home instead.

3. Even if you teach your kids to eat their meal first and then dessert, when kids are alone most will eat their dessert first and then eat their meal if they stil have an apetite. Therefore if you are worried that this will be the case with your child, only pack treats occasionally.

4. School is not a place to introduce new eating habits. Eating healthy and a variety of foods should be taught at home. You want your kids to eat at lunch time. Pack food that you know they will eat.

5. Help reduce garbage at schools and use reusable containers.