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Aysha Ozcetin

Aysha OzcetinChildren's food has been my passion over the years as I raised my two boys, now ages 19 and 16. When we first moved to Canada I worked at a daycare centre and watched what unhealthy food kids ate for lunch. Also, I never understood the "kids menu" concept in North American restaurants. Why do kids have to select from a kids menu with limited options? Is this what we want to teach them? When my first son was three years old, we went to a restaurant. He ordered a fancy zucchini platter from the regular menu to the amazement of our waitress. Our son didn't even know what a kids menu was. My first son could eat any dish. My second son was completely the opposite, being a very picky eater. It was a challenge to prepare healthy and tasty meals that would please him. That's how I started to creatively hide vegetables in meals and mastered my kid-friendly cooking. I continue to spend my free time reading fun food ideas for kids and parties. I am very excited to use my skills at Healthy Edge, and prepare kid-approved meals, not only for my son but for all the students in the Greater Victoria region.