About Us

At Healthy Edge, we are committed to providing nutritious, appealing lunches to schools in the Greater Victoria area. We create delicious heart-healthy, well-balanced meals to please even the most picky eaters. We take great pride in our creative, kids-tested menus, using fresh and local seasonal ingredients.

  • Our lunches are prepared daily in our commercial kitchen, using local produce whenever possible.
  • We offer varied menus including meat, vegetarian and gluten-free meal options.
  • Meals are prepared fresh, then transported and served at food safe temperatures.
  • We use 100% biodegradable and compostable containers made from renewable resources with no harmful binding agents or chemical additives. All containers and utensils degrade within 90 days after use, and return to the Earth as natural fertilizer.

Healthy Edge kitchen in Sidney





Who we are

Aysha Ozcetin

Aysha OzcetinChildren's food has been my passion over the years as I raised my two boys, now ages 19 and 16. When we first moved to Canada I worked at a daycare centre and watched what unhealthy food kids ate for lunch. Also, I never understood the "kids menu" concept in North American restaurants. Why do kids have to select from a kids menu with limited options? Is this what we want to teach them? When my first son was three years old, we went to a restaurant. He ordered a fancy zucchini platter from the regular menu to the amazement of our waitress. Our son didn't even know what a kids menu was. My first son could eat any dish. My second son was completely the opposite, being a very picky eater. It was a challenge to prepare healthy and tasty meals that would please him. That's how I started to creatively hide vegetables in meals and mastered my kid-friendly cooking. I continue to spend my free time reading fun food ideas for kids and parties. I am very excited to use my skills at Healthy Edge, and prepare kid-approved meals, not only for my son but for all the students in the Greater Victoria region.


Schools we work with

Schools we work with

  • KELSET Elementary
  • Deep Cove School
  • Keating Elementary
  • Lochside Elementary
  • École John Stubbs
  • École Doncaster
  • Selkrik Montessori
  • Wishart Elementary